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Land Trust of Virginia Announces Allen-Stone Easement

LOVINGSTON, Va., May 31, 2023 – Land Trust of Virginia (LTV) is pleased to announce a conservation easement in Shipman thanks to the generosity of landowners, Stuart Allen and Lorri Stone. This 252-acre property falls within an area with a high density of conservation easements protecting unfragmented forest, and so contributes to this protected landscape, strengthening the easements effectiveness in providing wildlife corridors and habitat.


"Lorri and I fell in love with this land the first time we saw it and knew this is where we wanted to spend the rest of our lives”, said Stuart. "Watching the winter sun paint the hillsides red just after dawn, the silence broken only by the sound of the wind in the pines, spotting baby deer in the fields just before dark; these things have brought us joy and in my wife’s words 'restoreth her soul'. We know that we are only temporary stewards of this little piece of heaven. Others before us have enjoyed this land and that has given us a connection to the past.  Now we want to create a connection to the future by making sure that those lucky enough to pass this way in years to come will get the opportunity to discover these simple wonders for themselves."


The Allen-Stone’s property features 245 acres of forest, most of which is on the southern slopes of Bailey Mountain. At lower elevations the property contains 1,230 feet of Dutch Creek, a USGS perennial stream. The property contains a 200-acre “ecological core” area with Category 3 (“High”) and 42-acre area with Category 4 (“Moderate”) ecological integrity, designated as such in the 2007 Virginia Natural Landscape Assessment of the Department of Conservation and Recreation's Virginia Natural Heritage Program. This assessment is based on a variety of information collected, including rare species and habitats, environmental diversity, species diversity, patch characteristics, patch context, and water quality benefits.


“Ensuring the protection of forest habitat on the Allen-Stone property is a huge conservation win,” said LTV Executive Director, Ashton Cole. “We are pleased to increase the protection in this part of Nelson County and to know it will remain this way for future generations.”


The Allen-Stone easement is the 242nd easement completed by the Land Trust of Virginia. For more information about their work, please visit


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