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Land Trust of Virginia Announces McGhee #2 Easement

MECHANICSVILLE, Va., August 18, 2023 – Land Trust of Virginia (LTV) is pleased to announce a conservation easement in Mechanicsville thanks to the generosity of landowners, Charles and Cathy McGhee. This 112-acre property is the second easement the McGhee family has recorded with LTV and we were honored to work together again to preserve valuable agricultural land in Hanover County.


"Our first easement is our home place. My grandparents entrusted it to me and I wanted to leave it to my kids and their kids just like it was handed to me. The historical and agricultural value is noteworthy and needed to be preserved for the future," said Charles McGhee. "This easement is a piece of property about five miles away. The agricultural value and proximity to historical resources makes it an important preservation piece. My hope is that my actions will encourage my neighbors to do the same thing and protect more agricultural lands."


A portion of the McGhee’s property is in the battlefield for the Civil War Battle of Hanover Court House, fought on May 27th, 1864. The entire property is within the battlefield for the subsequent Battle of Totopotomoy Creek (a.k.a. Battle of Crumps Creek), fought between May 28th and 30th. Natural resources now protected include 0.27 miles of Crumps Creek, and 12 acres of important associated wetlands.  The property is proximate to other conserved land, with eight other easements within a two-mile radius, held by LTV, VOF, and CRLC.  Half of the property (56 acres) is designated as Prime Farmland Soils or Soils of Statewide Importance. Another portion of the property (33 acres) is designated as having Category 2 (“Very High”) ecological integrity under the Natural Landscape Assessment of the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation. This ecological integrity designation is based on a variety of factors, such as environmental diversity, species diversity, and water quality benefits.


“The McGhee’s conservation leadership is noteworthy,” said LTV Executive Director, Ashton Cole. “We are pleased to increase the protection in this part of Hanover County and to know it will remain in productive agriculture for future generations.”


The McGhee’s easement is the 244th easement completed by the Land Trust of Virginia. For more information about their work, please visit


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