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Q&A with Oak Hill Wealth Advisors

Patrick Larkin

Patrick Larkin and Jeanne Campbell of Oak Hill Wealth Advisors have been passionate supporters of LTV for many years. Their new venture launched earlier this year and we were honored to welcome them as our top Business Sponsor for 2022.

Tell us about Oak Hill Wealth Advisors and what makes you unique?

Oak Hill Wealth Advisors is comprised of an experienced group of financial professionals serving Loudoun County and beyond. By leveraging our team’s varied and extensive knowledge base, we are able to serve our clients and their families, often spanning multiple generations, with comprehensive financial planning, wealth management, and investment management.

What is your mission statement?

We’ve designed our services and developed our process to build and deepen relationships with our clients. Getting clarity with the right structure in place results in confidence. This holistic process is the Oak Hill CSC Wealth Advantage.

What are your goals for Oak Hill Wealth Advisors?

As fiduciaries, our overarching goal is pretty simple. Clients. First. Always.

What inspired you to become a business sponsor of LTV?

Being residents of Loudoun County, we stand behind LTV’s conservation efforts at their very roots. We salute LTV and the vital work they are doing to protect our beautiful countryside, agricultural communities, and historical sites across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

How do conservation easements benefit your life or enjoyment of this area?

The preservation of natural and historic resources is a perk for all of us. We’ve watched the population growth in this immediate area that has led to the loss of thousands of acres of open space and natural resources, never mind the negative impact it’s had on many of our historical sites, over the past several decades. The work LTV is doing benefits us all by helping to eliminate the risk we lose the beauty surrounding us in this splendid area. Preservation and conservation of Virginia’s land should bring us all peace of mind and promise.


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