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The Malcolm Baldwin Farmers Fund

Land Trust of Virginia would love to highlight and ask for your contribution to our Malcolm Baldwin Farmers Fund. Since its founding, the Fund has conserved 15 unique properties, protecting over 3,300 acres in 10 Virginia counties.

Created in 2019, the fund is named for Malcolm Forbes Baldwin, Land Trust of Virginia's former board member and friend, in honor of Malcolm's lifetime of service to conservation and his support for family farms in his community. Malcolm worked tirelessly to support other farmers and encouraged many in the local farming community to conserve their land as he had permanently. The fund is utilized to help underwrite the fees for conservation easement donations on properties that have historically been in agricultural use.

Lloyd and Linda Mundie run a 5th generation farming operation. With the assistance of the Baldwin Fund, they have now ensured that future family members will have the opportunity to continue this legacy. When asked about the easement donation, Lloyd stated,

"With the way farming and land prices are going, we are trying to plan for the future. This is one way we can give my grandchildren a good start by locking this land in, so it will never be used for anything but farming. They are young now, but we hope some of them will stay and farm. I am so blessed to wake up every morning and go to work with my three sons."

We aim to continue building this fund to help farmers conserve their properties. Every day, these working farmers make the critical decision, including financial implications, to permanently protect their farmland from development. With your help, we can do just that! By supporting this fund, you're helping make the conservation of Virginia farmland a reality! 

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