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6th Annual Bike the Gravel: TdeCE


Enjoy a video and photos from 2023.

6th annual Bike the Gravel – TdeCE

Saturday, September 23, 2023

A one-of-a-kind ride on scenic gravel roads, through gorgeous private properties of Loudoun and Fauquier Counties, Virginia.

Three NEW incredible courses to choose from through private estates preserved by conservation easements, only VIEWABLE ON THIS DAY!


Gnarly Gravel Grinder North: This year’s course is a whopping 70 miles long and it takes us much further North in Loudoun County than we have ever ventured before, with over a dozen new roads on the course. With 5,500 feet of climbing and 55 miles of gravel roads, this will challenge even the most seasoned rider, but with two Full-Service Rest Stops along the way, you can make it. This year’s route passes through the town of Middleburg for the first time and includes five fabulous private properties that can only be accessed on this day, before you return to the Venue where you will enjoy beer and a catered lunch, while you listen to the tunes spun by DJ Dwight!

Gorgeous Gravel Grinder: It you want to take in the gorgeous gravel byways without the punishment of our long course, this one is for you. This course includes two private properties that can only be ridden on this day, while traversing nearly 37 miles, that is 84% gravel with 2,700 feet of climbing. This course shares the first 18-mile gravel sector with the long course, so you can spend time with your friends while riding a different course. If this sounds like a bit much for you, not to fear. We have a fabulous Full-Service Rest Stop for you in Unison to help you recover before the second half of the ride, and a strategic bailout toward the end of the course that will save you five miles. Unfortunately, you will miss our second premier property on this route if you take it. On the upside, you will be back early to have a cold beer and a catered lunch at our Venue, while you listen to the tunes spun by DJ Dwight!

Gracious Gravel Grinder: If you are into supporting the Land Trust while enjoying our byways, but not the punishment, we have a perfect ride for you. This year’s short course is 23 miles and includes a Full-Service Rest Stop in Unison. With a course that is 66% gravel, you will still get plenty of views and enjoy the historic countryside of Loudoun County. And of course, we will take you through one of our premier private properties along the way. One property is just not enough; we agree! This year, we added a second fabulous property for you to tour if you can just squeeze five more miles out of your legs. Just shortly before arriving at the Venue for your beer and catered lunch, you can opt in for a 5 mile out and back trip to a second property that has consistently been rated as one of the rider’s favorite properties.



Interested in sponsoring the event? Download our Sponsorship Package and contact Kerry Roszel,

2023 Bike the Gravel Sponsorship Package
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